She Is A Link

A Poem

By: Link Jennifer Giddings Brooks, Ed. D

Dedicated to the members of The Links,
Incorporated who exemplify the spirit of
friendship and service throughout the world.

She walks into a room with confidence and determination
There is an aura that surrounds her…
An aura that suggests that She
–knows who She is
–knows where She is going
–knows how to get there….
She possesses a spirit of all that is
good about womanhood…
She has a purpose –
A determined purpose – a determined purpose toward
–her family
–her friends
–her community
–her world
She knows that She can make a difference.
She knows that the strength of her
existence and the existence of
others is based on
her thoughts-her words-her actions….
She is a woman who consistently admires
the mystic beauty of the moon, but
aims for the stars…
She is a survivor—
a dreamer—
a doer…
She loves life….
She has strength to fight
against injustices… and
the passion to erupt with joy
when successes are reached…
She meets all challenges head on
She wins…
She continues to grow…
She continues to make the world a better place…
She is a leader…
She is an African-American Female Leader
She is rich in resources-love, commitment…
She is linking toward the possible…
She is more than royalty – SHE IS A LINK.

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